Important skills as a developer other than coding

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It’s been a year since I started working as a web developer. I landed my first job as a result of boasting my React knowledge. But the company found out that I was not really fit in the position after working with me for two months. My second job found me as a potential growth candidate because I learned a couple of lessons from my mistakes at the last company. I’d like to introduce the important skills as a developer other than coding, which I wanted to realize much earlier.

  1. Accountability
  2. Thoroughness
  3. Follow instructions
  4. Ask questions
  5. Make suggestions


Accountability is the most important skill as a developer because you need to be accountable for your code all the time. When your teammate asks you “why did you do it this way?”, you should be able to answer the reasons. If there is no accountability in your code, as you simply pasted it from Stack Overflow because it works, your teammates would not be able to even educate you the part of knowledge you are missing. Even if you put a lot of thoughts into the code, your teammates would not be able to understand how crucial those lines of code are without a good accountability.


Thoroughness is very much appreciated in development. Let’s say five people tested this new feature about to be released and found no bug in it. Would you trust them? What if you would be the sixth person who tested the new feature and detected bugs? The team would appreciate your thoroughness.

Follow instructions

Following instructions is crucial to development. It might sound easy but sometimes instructions are unclear. Your boss might be using misleading words in his speech or writing. If you are able to detect the right instructions and follow them, it would save so much development cost than letting them misguide you.

Ask questions

It’s ok you don’t understand some things. Don’t be ashamed to ask any question. The result of not asking questions would lead to wasting team resources by misunderstanding instructions, implementing unnecessary features, or even destroying the codebase!

Make suggestions

Your team should be always looking for better ways to manage their development. If you could find anything that possibly improves by your suggestion, go ahead and suggest it! Your suggestion might not be accepted, but it might provide you an opportunity to learn the issues better.

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