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In January, I’ve been through so many technical interviews since I was searching for a job. At my current job, I only use vanilla JavaScript but I applied for React developer positions. The interviewers have asked me many technical questions in order to understand what my technical strengths and weaknesses are. Those questions tend to be about JavaScript, React, and browser APIs.

I managed to answer 70% of the questions and I apparently passed these technical interviews :/


  • What is the advantage of using prototype operator?
  • What is callback function?
  • What is callback hell?
  • What is the difference between node-sass and dart-sass?
  • What is webpack?
  • What do you care about when you write JavaScript?
  • What is the output of false === ‘undefined’?
  • What is the output of false == ‘undefined’?


  • What is the difference between Virtual DOM and DOM?
  • What do you think about the Virtual DOM?
  • What are React hooks?
  • Please explain three React hooks.
  • What is redux?
  • What do you think of Redux?
  • What kind of components are there?
  • What is a pure component?
  • What is React Life Cycle?
  • What are the side effects?

Browser APIs

  • What are session and cookies?
  • When does session end?
  • What are events?
  • What is event delegation?
  • What is DOM?
  • What is the difference between window.onload and $(document).ready()?

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